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Thread: Sexy themed videos rules - read them!!!!

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    Exclamation Sexy themed videos rules - read them!!!!

    Ok, as of 17th June 2011 the rules of this section have changed. This is not a general "post what you want" section anymore. This section is categorised by theme. Whether it's brunette or blonde, girls in boots or an invidual website theme (eg Brazzers Thread or Bangbros thread), please either add to an existing thread, or, if you cant see one that fits, start a new one.

    Please keep the titles short and to the point e.g Brunettes, or Brazilian Girls, that kind of thing. This helps the mods and posters find threads more easily, as you can sort them by alphabetical order. So no "Lovely brunettes", its just "Brunettes". The first word must be theme.(We do realise this isn't always possible (dependent on theme), but its fairly obvious when it is)

    Each thread should relate to 1 THEME ONLY. Do not start mixed threads i.e don't start a thread called Black/Indian and Malaysian girls thread. They are different things, please start one for each

    Also, "age" isn't a theme. So no "18 year old" threads, or "young" threads. It's far too vague, and covers about 90% of all porn out there. "MILFs" is acceptable.

    This section is for all non HD videos (so less than 720p). All videos above 720p must go in the HD video section.

    The thread doesn't "belong" to the thread starter, anyone can add to it. If you want your own thread please start one in the Your Own Thread section.

    Cross posting to the Babe Videos section is allowed, so for example, if you are posting an Asa Akira scene in the Asian Girls thread, you can also add the same post to the Asa Akira thread in the Babe Videos section.

    We will merge threads we think are too similar

    All other Glam0ur vid rules also apply
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