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Thread: 2 Problems

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    2 Problems

    Hello to all, just throwing this out there....

    Problem 1 - i have a dell laptop over 4 years, and fixed horizontal lines are appearing the width of the screen. I have plugged in the monitor from my pc (switched off) to laptop (switched on) and the lines are not present there, so i guess the problem is with the laptop screen and not an internal component like the graphics card...

    Problem 2
    - i have bought a new sandisk memory stick that is not recognized by any usb socket
    on the laptop (no light comes on), but does work on my pc (6 years old)
    However my old (3 years) sandisk memory stick works fine on both laptop and pc


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    The USB stick may be too big in memory size to be recognised by the laptop, my Acer laptop has a Compact Flash slot and an SD slot but won't recognise my 2 gig SD card but wil recognise a 512 meg one. I use a card reader and it works just fine. You could try updating the USB drivers. As for the screen, I think you have found the problem, the screen is possibly defective. However, you could try taking the laptop apart and check that the connector for the screen is seated correctly. We had Dell laptops in work and the keyboard connector was in the center of the motherboard. Due to the way the guys picked up the computers, it flexed the board and caused the connector to become detached slightly. Normally a quick press of the G,H,J,B and N keys was enough to push the connector back into place.

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