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Thread: My Music Collection Update Daily! (Dance, Trance, Rock, Pop, Electronic, Jazz,..)

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    Kailin - Fracture (2017) [Hi-Res]

    Artist: Kailin
    Title: Fracture
    Year Of Release: 2017
    Label: Mistry
    Genre: ambience, bass, drone, electronic, experimental, techno
    Quality: FLAC (tracks) / 24/44100 Hz
    Total Time: 30:07 min
    Total Size: 317 MB
    This album is just so good, probably the most heavyweight, dread-filled Ambient LP you'll hear this year, exploring post-club dimensions with eight tracks of hazy hooks, engulfing subs and grimy thizz rent in acres of space, something like Arca via Bladerunner. Beneath describes it perfectly as "uplifting whilst also being dread filled..."
    Making up the first album release on Mistry after seven club-hingeing EPs from the likes of Batu, Laksa, Chevel and Webstarr, Kailin's Fracture occupies an introspective middle-distance between perceptions of club and ambient modes of reception by disintegrating dancefloor structures into a near-metaphysical presence with mercurial, vapourising gestures. Like Schr÷dingers cat in a bassbin, it's neither or, and possibly both at the same time, depending on your perception.
    This paradoxical sense of detachment and immersion perhaps stems from the album's production; originally sketched out in a 2 month haze, then left to steep for much longer, before the collection's nuances and conflicting elements began to reveal themselves in remarkable formations such as the OOBE electro flex of Circling or the midnight quantum jazz dynamics of Gimp, or a really big highlight in the teetering, polymetric ambient pop of Respite.
    No doubt it's a fascinating and quintessential turn for Mistry, one which lives up to the label's name and its roots in the duppie dread effect of UK soundsystem culture, yet never previously revealed by Beneath's imprint in such absorbing and heady style before now.
    Hugely recommended!
    01.Kailin - Wake In Grey
    02.Kailin - Circling
    03.Kailin - Chatter
    04.Kailin - Gimp
    05.Kailin - Fracture
    06.Kailin - Voyeur
    07.Kailin - Respite
    08.Kailin - Disintegration

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    AR The Prophet - From My Soul (2017)

    Artist: AR The Prophet
    Title: From My Soul
    Year Of Release: 2017
    Label: Young Black And Talented Music LLC
    Genre: Rap, Hip-Hop
    Quality: m4a 256 kbps
    Total Time: 00:33:52
    Total Size: 59 mb
    01. From My Soul
    02. Pain
    03. Royalty
    04. I Want More
    05. Way to Show Your Love
    06. Hard to Kill
    07. I See the Light
    08. The Gold
    09. Wake Up
    10. The Pharmacist (feat. Quan the Poet)
    11. Anthony P. Wyant


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    Kerem Gorsev - To Bill Evans (2013)

    Artist: Kerem Gorsev
    Title: To Bill Evans
    Year Of Release: 2013
    Label: Recbysaatchi
    Genre: Jazz
    Quality: Mp3 320 kbps
    Total Time: 0:47:06
    Total Size: 109 Mb
    1. Abacco 8:08
    2. Faith 6:01
    3. Baroness 5:02
    4. Serenity 7:06
    5. To Bill Evans (feat. Alan Broadbent) 6:28
    6. Mastic Pudding 5:55
    7. Warm Autumn 8:33
    Kerem G÷rsev - piano
    Kağan Yıldız - bass
    Ferit Odman - the drums
    Prague Philharmonic Orchestra
    Alan Broadbent - conductor, piano (track 5)

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    Konundrum Spitzz - Nuclear Winter (2017)

    Artist: Konundrum Spitzz
    Title: Nuclear Winter
    Year Of Release: 2017
    Label: Konundrum Spitzz
    Genre: Rap, Hip-Hop
    Quality: m4a 256 kbps
    Total Time: 00:40:19
    Total Size: 75 mb
    01. Intro
    02. Get That (feat. Tmac & Shines Fresh)
    03. They Know (feat. Tmac)
    04. Way of the Gun (feat. Lily Holbrook & Tmac)
    05. Work All Day (feat. Tmac & G. Battles)
    06. Turnin' up My Radio (feat. Maressa Smith & Fezzaleo)
    07. I Tried (feat. Tmac, Caroline Purr & Rob Ashe)
    08. Go (feat. Frank Stickemz, Tmac & Baby Aces)
    09. Wasted (feat. Tmac & Rush Oner)
    10. Get up Outta My Face
    11. Stand Alone (feat. Tmac & Maressa Smith)


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    La Rue KÚtanou - Allons voir (2014) [Hi-Res]

    Artist: La Rue KÚtanou
    Title: Allons voir
    Year Of Release: 2014
    Label: Lrk Productions
    Genre: French Pop/Chanson
    Quality: flac 24bits - 48.0kHz +booklet
    Total Time: 00:54:29
    Total Size: 671 mb
    01. Allons voir
    02. Negrita
    03. Interdit
    04. L'Ôge nucleaire
    05. Le grand chelem
    06. L'alignement des planetes
    07. La guitare sud americain
    08. Le chien
    09. Le capitaine de la barrique
    10. Un tour
    11. Les dessous de table
    12. La distance
    13. Patricia
    La Rue KÚtanou are a French band whose eclectic style draws from chanson franšaise, reggae, and Gypsy music as well as theater and performance art. Comprised of Florent Vintrigner (accordion, vocals), Olivier Leite (guitar), and Mourad Musset (guitar), the band originally came together as members of ThÚÔtre du Fil, a community arts space on the outskirts of Paris, and first established themselves as street performers (hence the name La Rue KÚtanou, which roughly translates to "the street that's ours"). The group's big break came when the bandmembers were befriended by Bibou of the French reggae band Tryo, who invited La Rue KÚtanou to tour in support of his band, including some dates at L'Olympia. The Sony Music-affiliated label Yelen Musiques in turn offered La Rue KÚtanou a recording contract, and the full-length debut album En Attendant les Caravanes (2001) resulted. The second Rue KÚtanou album, Y'a des Cigales dans la FourmiliŔre (2002), proved more commercially successful, reaching number 32 on the French albums chart and spawning a popular concert tour. The live album Ouvert Ó Double Tour (2004) was released in commemoration of the band's seemingly nonstop touring, and it was also a big hit commercially, reaching number 22 on the albums chart. Following a five-year sabbatical during which time the bandmembers pursued side projects, La Rue KÚtanou released their third studio album, └ Contresens (2009), and embarked on an extensive French tour. Their most successful album to date, └ Contresens reached number 12 on the albums chart.

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    Adamo - I successi di Adamo (2CD) (1988)

    Artist: Adamo
    Title: I successi di Adamo
    Year Of Release: 1988
    Label: EMI
    Genre: Pop, Chanson
    Quality: FLAC (image+.cue,log,scans)
    Total Time: 01:14:13
    Total Size: 416 Mb / 187 Mb
    Vol 1:
    01. Sei Qui Con Me 02:49
    02. Lei 03:08
    03. La Notte 03:19
    04. Vous Permettez Monsieur? 03:03
    05. Amo 03:09
    06. Una Ciocca Di Capelli 03:06
    07. Affida Una Lacrima Al Vento 03:01
    08. Non Voglio Nascondermi 02:39
    09. Inch'Allah 04:49
    10. Ho Tanti Sogni Nel Mio Bagaglio 02:59
    11. Non Mi Tenere Il Broncio 03:00
    12. Non Sei Tu 02:46
    Vol 2:
    01. La Mia Vita 02:36
    02. Cade La Neve 02:57
    03. La Tua Storia E' Una Favola 03:30
    04. Dolce Paola 02:22
    05. Che Funerale 02:33
    06. Sasso Rosa Sasso Blu 04:46
    07. Tu Somigli All'amore 02:47
    08. Gridare Il Tuo Nome 02:19
    09. Ma Che Volete Che Vi Canti ? 03:18
    10. Al Nostro Amore 02:19
    11. Accanto A Te L'estate 03:54
    12. Perduto Amore 02:55

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    CityBoiStreets - Black Rose (2017)

    Artist: CityBoiStreets
    Title: Black Rose
    Year Of Release: 2017
    Label: Piffboyz Ent / HLoyal
    Genre: Rap, Hip-Hop
    Quality: m4a 256 kbps
    Total Time: 00:35:51
    Total Size: 58 mb
    01. F**k This S**t Up
    02. Watch How I Walk
    03. D2b (feat. Ziggy)
    04. Ain't No Way (feat. Caskey, Ziggy & Jtone)
    05. My Boyfriend the Plug
    06. Get Doe (feat. Bone)
    07. 100 Rounds (feat. Lil A)
    08. OG (Rose Edit) [feat. Layzie Bone & P.i.f.f. Boyz]
    09. Late Nights
    10. On the Road


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    Crazy P - Beatbox (Remixes) (2011)

    Artist: Crazy P
    Title: Beatbox (Remixes)
    Year Of Release: 2011
    Label: Om Records
    Genre: House
    Quality: 320 kbps / FLAC (tracks)
    Total Time: 00:31:00
    Total Size: 72 mb / 209 mb
    01. Crazy P - Beatbox
    02. Crazy P - Beatbox (Breach Mix)
    03. Crazy P - Beatbox (Debukas Remix)
    04. Crazy P - Beatbox (PBR Streetgang Remix)

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    Alex Brown Orchestra - Golden Moonlight Serenades (1975)

    Artist: Alex Brown Orchestra
    Title: Golden Moonlight Serenades
    Year Of Release: 1975
    Label: Vedette Records / Phase 6 Superstereo
    Genre: Instrumental
    Quality: CBR 320 kbit/s
    Total Time: 41 min
    Total Size: 105MB
    01 - Verde Luna
    02 - Moonlight Sonata
    03 - A Whiter Shade of Pale
    04 - Moonlight in Vermont
    05 - Last Night (La Ultima Noche)
    06 - Foolish Moon
    07 - Stardust
    08 - Moonlight Guitars
    09 - Blue Moon
    10 - Serenade Portugaise
    11 - Aurora Lunare
    12 - Venezia, La Luna e Tu
    13 - Fly Me To the Moon
    14 - Il Cigno (The Swan)

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    Crazy P - Changes (Remixes) (2012)

    Artist: Crazy P
    Title: Changes (Remixes)
    Year Of Release: 2012
    Label: Om Records
    Genre: House
    Quality: 320 kbps / FLAC (tracks)
    Total Time: 00:46:42
    Total Size: 108 mb / 313 mb
    01. Crazy P - Changes
    02. Crazy P - Changes (Hot Toddy Remix)
    03. Crazy P - Changes (Appleblim's Bristol Soul Mix)
    04. Crazy P - Changes (Fernando Remix)
    05. Crazy P - Changes (Mario Basanov Remix)
    06. Crazy P - Changes (Appleblim's Deep Under Dub)
    07. Crazy P - Changes (Fernando Dub)

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