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Thread: My Music Collection Update Daily! (Dance, Trance, Rock, Pop, Electronic, Jazz,..)

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    Great Reversals - Mere Mortals (2016)

    Artist: Great Reversals
    Title: Mere Mortals
    Year Of Release: 2016
    Label: State Of Mind Recordings
    Genre: Hardcore
    Quality: Mp3/320 kbps
    Total Time: 34:51
    Total Size: 100 Mb


    01. Capsized
    02. Mouths to Feed
    03. Swallow Sand
    04. Take This Life
    05. Dead of Winter
    06. The Stairwell
    07. Colosseum
    09.Preparing the Way
    10. Collapse Great
    11. Other Worldly

    Great Reversals, drawing inspiration from bands like Trial and Bane, meld dense riffs, soaring melody, raw emotion, and reflective lyrics with hopes of replicating the spirit of 90s hardcore that is the foundation for their sound. Located in Detroit, Michigan they have been playing regularly since late 2009, opening for national acts such as Agnostic Front, Mother of Mercy, Foundation, Defeater, Former Thieves, Another Breath, and Run With The Hunted. With a 5 song demo and self-released split 7" with They Come in Waves in their catalogue, Great Reversals has recorded their most progressive and emotionally complicated release with "To the Ends of the Earth", 4 songs lyrically centered on their drummer's struggle to raise his deaf, autistic son. These tracks are the personification of angst, grief, hope, and perseverance amidst dismal circumstances. The band is so excited to share these songs. Out now on CD and 10" vinyl. New 7" coming Spring of 2013 on How Soon Is Now Records.

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    Gregg Boethin - Yes, It Was (2016)

    Artist: Gregg Boethin
    Title: Yes, It Was
    Year Of Release: 2016
    Label: Gregg Boethin
    Genre: Alt. Country
    Quality: MP3/320 kbps
    Total Time: 00:44:42
    Total Size: 103 MB


    01. She's A Keeper 02:56
    02. Possess Me T 02:31
    03. A Piece Of A Map 02:57
    04. Out There 02:20
    05. Mystery Meat 02:45
    06. Average Guy 03:14
    07. Farley And Susie 01:37
    08. The Dragon 03:30
    09. Change Is Coming 03:17
    10. Trainwreck 02:58
    11. Wish I Was A Country Song 03:01
    12. Stoner Soulmate 03:16
    13. Songbird In The City 03:19
    14. The Other Side 03:32
    15. Taken Aback 03:23

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    GRIOT - Gerald (2016)

    Artist: GRIOT
    Title: Gerald
    Year Of Release: 2016
    Label: GRIOT
    Genre: Progressive rock
    Quality: FLAC (tracks)
    Total Time: 0:32:33
    Total Size: 198 MB


    1. The Drive (Chapter I) (5:15)
    2. Through the Haze (Chapter II) (4:27)
    3. Into the Fold (Chapter III) (6:37)
    4. The Curtain Falls (Chapter IV) (5:37)
    5. Fadeaway (Chapter V) (10:34)

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    Grover Washington Jr. - Anthology Of Grover Washington Jr. (1985)

    Artist: Grover Washington Jr.
    Title: Anthology Of Grover Washington Jr.
    Year Of Release: 1985
    Label: Elektra
    Genre: Smooth Jazz
    Quality: FLAC (tracks) / MP3
    Total Time: 57:30 min
    Total Size: 342 MB / 143 MB


    01. The Best Is Yet To Come [5:58]
    02. East River Drive [4:44]
    03. Be Mine (Tonight) [6:38]
    04. Can You Dig It [5:17]
    05. In The Name of Love [5:27]
    06. Just The Two Of Us [7:24]
    07. Jammin' [5:05]
    08. Little Black Samba [5:42]
    09. Jet Stream [5:59]
    10. Let It Flow ("For Dr.J") [5:53]

    Anyone who had seen Grover Washington, Jr. live could attest to the fact that whether he was playing electric jazz-funk or going acoustic on Billy Strayhorn's music, the Philly resident was a masterful saxman with as much technique as soul and charisma. However, the distinctive saxman's studio recordings (which range from outstanding to watered down) didn't always demonstrate just how commanding an improviser he could be. Anthology, a 1985 CD focusing on his work for Elektra, contains more hits than misses. Well worth hearing are jazz/R&B/pop instrumentals like the congenial "East River Drive" and the seductive "Let It Flow," and the R&B numbers "The Best Is Yet to Come" (which boasts a heartfelt vocal by Patti LaBelle) and Washington's major hit with Bill Withers, "Just the Two of Us." Unfortunately, Elektra made the mistake of including Washington's pointless version of reggae king Bob Marley's "Jammin'" (which is more of a pop cover than a genuine jazz interpretation), the insipid "Jet Stream," and the pleasant but not very memorable "In the Name of Love." -- Alex Henderson

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    Gundam - waifu (2016)

    Artist: GUNDAM
    Title: WAIFU
    Year Of Release: 2016
    Label: Self
    Genre: Bass, Juke/Footwork
    Quality: 320 kbps
    Total Time: 51:00
    Total Size: 124 mb

    1. Oh Girl (03:23)
    2. Future Flamenco (04:27)
    3. Just Like U (02:50)
    4. Cat & Mouse (03:27)
    5. Fruit Punch (03:54)
    6. Elephant In The Room (02:33)
    7. Bikini Beach (03:21)
    8. Burnin' Rubber (Interlude) (02:41)
    9. Heaven Sent (03:46)
    10. Luv Me Lady (04:24)
    11. For Her (04:15)
    12. Evening Glow (03:15)
    13. Late Night Flight (04:01)
    14. Starlight Girl (03:02)
    15. Parting Ways / Love Letter (Outro) (01:41)

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    Mai Kuraki - Mai Kuraki BEST 151A -LOVE & HOPE-

    Artist: Mai Kuraki
    Title: Mai Kuraki BEST 151A -LOVE & HOPE-
    Year Of Release: 2014
    Label: Being
    Genre: J-Pop
    Quality: Mp3 / VBRkbps
    Total Time: 132:04 min
    Total Size: 242,3 MB
    01~ Stay by my side 04:26
    02~ Secret of my heart 04:25
    03~ Tsumetai Umi 04:39
    04~ Time after time -Hanamau Machide- 04:11
    05~ Asu e Kakeru Hashi 03:58
    06~ Aitakute 04:30
    07~ Shiroi Yuki 04:47
    08~ Tomorrow is the last time 03:58
    09~ Mou Ichido 03:54
    10~ Anata ga Iru Kara 03:04
    11~ Your Best Friend 05:50
    12~ Koi ni Koishite 04:10
    13~ Hakanasa 06:33
    14~ Sakura Sakura 04:44
    15~ STAND BY YOU 05:22
    01~ Love, Day After Tomorrow 04:04
    02~ Delicious Way 03:52
    03~ Reach for the sky 04:50
    04~ Stand Up 04:39
    05~ always 04:07
    06~ Feel fine! 04:48
    07~ Revive 04:40
    08~ Watashi no Shiranai Watashi 04:03
    09~ Strong Heart 04:20
    10~ Special morning day to you 04:34
    11~ TRY AGAIN 04:26
    12~ Wake me up 04:22
    13~ You can 04:03
    14~ Mutekina Heart 03:24
    15~ DYNAMITE 03:21

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    Charlie Parker - Bird's Eyes: Vol. 13 (2013)

    Artist: Charlie Parker
    Title: Bird's Eyes: Vol. 13
    Year Of Release: 2013
    Label: Philology
    Genre: Jazz
    Quality: FLAC (tracks + .cue, log, scans)
    Total Time: 68:00 min
    Total Size: 303 MB
    01. Yesterdays (3:45)
    02. Round Midnight (3:19)
    03. Algo Bueno (1:41)
    04. Manteca (2:13)
    05. Oll-Ya-Koo (0:50)
    06. Lover Man (2:06)
    07. Good Bait (1) (1:49)
    08. Good Bait (2) (2:21)
    09. Unknown Ballad (0:40)
    10. All The Things You are (0:52)
    11. Unknown Blues (0:50)
    12. Groovin' High (1:46)
    13. Ool-Ya-Koo (1:57)
    14. I Can't Get Started (3:40)
    15. Don't Blame Me (1:55)
    16. Cool Breeze (0:55)
    17. Things To Come (2:26)
    18. Oo-Bop-Sh'Bam (1:37)
    19. Night In Tunisia (3:15)
    20. What Is This Thing Called Love (0:58)
    21. I'll Remember April (12:12)
    22. Indian Summer (5:34)
    23. The Theme (2:49)
    24. Long Ago And Far away (2:00)
    25. Night In Tunisia (3:50)
    26. Broadway (2:40)

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    Marcus Goldhaber With Jon Davis Trio - Take Me Anywhere

    Artist: Marcus Goldhaber With Jon Davis Trio
    Title: Take Me Anywhere
    Year Of Release: 2008
    Label: Fallen Apple Records
    Genre: Jazz / Vocal Jazz
    Quality: Mp3 / 320 kbps
    Total Time: 74:11 min
    Total Size: 170 MB
    01. No Moon At All
    02. I Get Along Without You Very Well
    03. Take Me
    04. With Plenty of Money and You
    05. In the Oeuvre of the In-between
    06. A Walk
    07. You're Beautiful, You Know That
    08. I Fall Apart
    09. Top Hat, White Tie & Tails
    10. A Felony Called Love
    11. I Fall In Love Too Easily
    12. She Knows
    13. A Lovely Way to Spend an Evening
    14. I've Never Been In Love Before
    15. My Ship
    16. Look for the Silver Lining
    17. When I Take My Sugar to Tea
    Marcus Goldhaber's new CD comes on like a plate full of comfort food. This collection of 17 songs (almost half of which are original and the rest familiar standards) is done straightforwardly with the Jon Davis Trio (Davis on piano, Martin Wind on bass and Marcello Pellitteri on drums with drummer Lieven Venken on one track). Goldhaber's soft, warm voice and lyric-driven laid back style tells each story effortlessly. He also takes a couple of tired chestnuts ("With Plenty Of Money And You" and "When I Take My Sugar To Tea") and gives them a fresh new approach with changes of tempo and new rhythm patterns. And just to let you know where his heart is, Goldhaber does two numbers "I Fall In Love Too Easily" (done as a waltz) and "A Lovely Way To Spend An Evening" strongly associated with Sinatra.
    Since Goldhaber works mostly with the Jon Davis Trio, they all read each other well. The piano work is just enough to allow the vocal to take the spotlight, but also shines with solos on most of the tracks. Wind's wonderfully lyrical arco bass is captured on the original "A Walk" and the aforementioned "When I Take My Sugar To Tea". Also worth mentioning is Pellittieri's intricate tempo changes on "I've Never Been In Love Before" and Venken's performance on "Look For The Silver Lining". A surprise visit by Hendrik Meurkens' harmonica adds seasoning to the original "Take Me". This CD bears witness to the fact that Goldhaber is a hopeless romantic, that old-fashioned breed of singer called a crooner. In a climate which pushes reality and actuality, it's nice to find something that bespeaks of light, both moon and candle. ~ Marcia Hillman
    Personnel: Marcus Goldhaber: vocals; Jon Davis: piano; Martin Wind: bass; Marcello Pellitterri: drums and percussion (4, 6); Lieven Venken: drums (16); Hendrik Meurkens: harmonica (3).

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    Snyder Family Band - The Life We Know (2017) FLAC

    Artist: Snyder Family Band
    Title: The Life We Know
    Year Of Release: 2017
    Label: Mountain Home Music Company
    Genre: Country, Bluegrass
    Quality: FLAC (tracks+covers)
    Total Time: 00:45:37
    Total Size: 291 mb
    01. Cowboy Man
    02. Far Away
    03. Clouds Over Texas
    04. The Rain
    05. The Mystery
    06. The King
    07. Blue Ridge Mountain Sky
    08. Who's Malloy
    09. Breakin' Loose
    10. American Prayer
    The Snyder Family Band, based out of Lexington, NC, performs a unique style of music infused with a wide range of styles and genres. They bring an exciting, talent-filled show to audiences of all ages and musical tastes.
    Samantha Snyder
    Samantha, who began in classical violin lessons at the age of three, is an award-winning fiddler as well as a top-notch singer and songwriter. She loves the expressive, soulful nature of her instrument, which has been a huge part of her for as long as she can remember. She is dedicated to crafting unique songs with meaningful lyrics and stirring music. Whether fiddling, singing, or playing rhythm guitar, Samantha creates a warm and energetic feel on stage that demonstrates her true enjoyment of music.
    Zeb Snyder
    Zeb, a skilled multi-instrumentalist and highly devoted musician, began his musical career with classical guitar training at age seven. After amassing multiple guitar championships as a youth, he turned his focus to performing, recording, and writing music. Zeb pulls from a wide variety of musical genres such as southern rock, blues, and country, tastefully creating his own rich style. He is widely acclaimed for his lead guitar, his songwriting, and his distinctive rhythm, which he has specially developed to carry and enrich the trio's music.
    Bud Snyder
    Supporting these gifted young musicians, their dad, Bud, holds down a rock solid upright bass rhythm. His ability to adapt to the multiple genres that influence the band is a key ingredient of the trio's signature sound.
    Owen Snyder
    Owen, the youngest Snyder, makes an occasional visit to the spotlight to wear out a tune on the banjo, a part of the show not to be missed.

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    Marcus Intalex - 21 (2011)

    Artist: Marcus Intalex
    Title: 21
    Year Of Release: 2011
    Label: Soul:r
    Genre: Drum & Bass, Dubstep
    Quality: MP3 320 kbps / FLAC (tracks)
    Total Time: 01:59:59
    Total Size: 286 Mb / 830 Mb
    :: PLAYLIST ::
    01. Marcus Intalex feat. S.P.Y and Ras Tweed - Make a Raise (6:29)
    02. Marcus Intalex feat. Zed Bias - Strangeways (5:35)
    03. Marcus Intalex feat. Lynx and Danny Fierce - Climbing Up The Walls (6:00)
    04. Marcus Intalex - TB Or Not TB? (4:47)
    05. Marcus Intalex - From The Ashes (6:08)
    06. Marcus Intalex - Hot Hands (5:32)
    07. Marcus Intalex feat. S.P.Y - Celestial Navigation (6:17)
    08. Marcus Intalex feat. Riya - Regrets (5:16)
    09. Marcus Intalex - Wacky Races (5:12)
    10. Marcus Intalex feat. S.P.Y - Paulista DUB (5:42)
    11. Marcus Intalex - Dusk (5:37)
    12. Marcus Intalex feat. DRS - Make Way (6:09)
    13. Marcus Intalex feat. Calibre - Meltdown (Digital Bonus Track) (5:35)
    14. Marcus Intalex - 21 Album Mix Tape (45:40)

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