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Thread: My Music Collection Update Daily! (Dance, Trance, Rock, Pop, Electronic, Jazz,..)

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    Bobby Previte & Bump - Just Add Water... (2001)

    Artist: Bobby Previte & Bump
    Title: Just Add Water...
    Year Of Release: 2001
    Label: Palmetto Records
    Genre: Modern Creative Jazz
    Quality: FLAC (image+.cue) / MP3-320
    Total Time: 53:52
    Total Size: 348 MB
    01. Put Away Your Crayons (11:56)
    02. Nice Try (5:21)
    03. Leave Here Now (6:18)
    04. '53 Maserati (5:09)
    05. '63 (1:41)
    06. Stingray (7:30)
    07. Everything I Want (9:46)
    08. All Hail Kirby! (4:09)
    09. Theme for an Imaginary Dénouement (2:04)

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    Aquarelle - Leave Corners (2017)

    Artist: Aquarelle
    Title: Leave Corners
    Year Of Release: 2017
    Label: Debacle Records
    Genre: electronic, experimental, ambient
    Quality: FLAC (tracks)
    Total Time: 33:07 min
    Total Size: 168 MB
    Autumn is a time for reflection and evaluation, a pause before giving thanks, an opportunity to put all things into perspective. Four years after August Undone, Ryan Potts again releases an album that is perfect for fall, its measured pace and autumnal tones as gorgeous as the changing of the leaves. There's even time for silence, as demonstrated by the pauses between chords on "Open Absence pt. 1".
    The title is a reference to Leviticus 23:22: When you reap the harvest of your land, you shall not wholly reap the corners of your field when you reap, nor shall you gather any gleaning from your harvest. You shall leave them for the poor and for the stranger. Aquarelle is generous in tone as well as in time, the warmth of his compositions suffused with an inner light. Compared to the relative stillness of "pt. 1", "pt. 2" sounds like a harvest, the instruments slowly surging forth like vegetables from fertile soil, the hums like the threshing of grain. But even here, there's room for inner peace, as evidenced by the patience of the acoustic guitar. Orchestral timbres create the soothing atmosphere; the album lands on the pillowed side of drone. This is music of safety, of belonging, of the end of the day when all things are put away. To stretch the title, there are no corners, nothing to startle or hurt. Instead, a feeling of blessedness washes over the listener, never more apparent than in the bells of "Brass Logic". But as Leviticus implies, when one's cup runs over, it's better to share one's bounty than it is to hoard it.
    The term aquarelle refers to "a style of painting using transparent watercolors". This gentle touch is applied to Potts' entire discography, but is especially present here. Leave Corners attempts to paint a thin layer of peace upon the listener, and by extension, the world. If the final fading chords linger in the mind, then the album has done its job. When the music ends, we're a little bit quieter, our souls a little bit calmer ~ perhaps as a result our actions will be a little bit kinder as well. (Richard Allen)
    01.Aquarelle - Open Absences Pt. 1
    02.Aquarelle - Open Absences Pt. 2
    03.Aquarelle - Cut Stone
    04.Aquarelle - Brass Logic
    05.Aquarelle - Intervals
    06.Aquarelle - The Horse Has Run

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    Jizue - Grassroots EP (2017)

    Artist: Jizue
    Title: Grassroots
    Year Of Release: 2017
    Label: Victor
    Genre: Jazz
    Quality: FLAC (tracks+.cue)
    Total Time: 28:41
    Total Size: 190 MB
    01. Grass (4:48)
    02. Trip (5:10)
    03. I Miss You (6:09)
    04. Rosso (brass ver.) (6:23)
    05. Sakura (strings ver.) (6:11)

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    Jody Grind - Far Canal (1970) Japan remaster (2001) CD Rip

    Artist: Jody Grind
    Title: Far Canal
    Year Of Release: 1970/2001
    Label: Strange Days [POCE-1084]
    Genre: Heavy Bluesy Prog Rock
    Quality: FLAC (image + cue,log,scans)
    Total Time: 00:44:12
    Total Size: 283mb(+5%)
    Formed in December 1968, by organist Tim Hinkley, Jody Grind was a powerful trio influenced by the dominance of such notable keyboard led bands as The Nice, Vincent Crane's work with The Crazy World of Arthur Brown and Traffic. Hinkley formed the first version of the band with guitarist Ivan Zagni and drummer Martin Harriman. In June 1969 the band signed to Transatlantic Records (a UK independent label more widely associated with folk music who were seeking to develop an "underground" roster) and recorded their debut album "One Step On", released in October 1969
    By the beginning of 1970, Jody Grind had settled to a new line up of Tim Hinkley, guitarist and vocalist Bernie Holland and drummer Pete Gavin. Recorded in the early months of 1970, the band's second album, "Far Canal" was a fine work. The quality of material such as 'We've Had It', 'Jump Bed Jed' and 'Bath Sister' was outstanding. Another highlight was the excellent Hammond organ led environmental protest "Plastic Shit" (recorded The Roundhouse at the beginning of the year. Augmented by other fine material such as 'Vegetable Oblivion', 'Red Worms and Lice' and 'Ballad for Bridget' (featuring Hinkley on vibraphone), "Far Canal" is a true "lost" gem from the heady days of British Progressive / Underground Rock.
    1. We've Had It (Holland) - 5:07
    2. Bath Sister (Hinkley) - 3:29
    3. Jump Bed Jed (Holland) - 7:14
    4. O Paradiso (Hinkley) - 7:32
    5. Plastic Shit (Holland, Hinkley) - 7:19
    6. Vegetable Oblivion (Holland) - 2:10
    7. Red Worms And Lice (Holland, Hinkley) - 7:22
    8. Ballad For Bridget (Hinkley) - 3:40
    Bernie Holland - Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Vocals
    Pete Gavin - Drums, Percussion
    Tim Hinkley - Organ, Piano, Electric Piano, Vibraphone, Vocals
    All thanks to original releaser

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    Joëlle Léandre & Kevin Norton - Winter in New York (2006)

    Artist: Joëlle Léandre & Kevin Norton
    Title: Winter in New York
    Year Of Release: 2006
    Label: Leo Records
    Genre: Free Jazz, Avant-Garde
    Quality: FLAC (tracks+.cue, log, Covers)
    Total Time: 46:39
    Total Size: 208 MB
    1. Winter December #1
    2. Winter December #2
    3. Winter December #3
    4. Winter December #4
    5. Winter December #5
    6. Winter December #6
    7. Winter December #7
    8. Winter December #8
    Recorded live December 22nd, 2006, at The Stone, New York
    Joëlle Léandre - bass, voice
    Kevin Norton - vibraphone, drums and other percussion instruments

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    Kaibun - Gloomy Alice And Sinister Jack (2017)

    Artist: Kaibun
    Title: Gloomy Alice And Sinister Jack
    Year Of Release: 2017
    Label: Hands Productions
    Genre: Electronic, Techno, Experimental
    Quality: FLAC (tracks)
    Total Time: 1:01:49
    Total Size: 282 MB
    An electronic musical tragedy, a tale of decline: It has taken Laurent "Le Moderniste" Delogne and Marie Hubart four years to produce their sophomore album for HANDS - and it's quite a renunciation of the rhythmic industrial/techno hybrid of "Illogism". Devoid of upfront aggression, there is an ongoing current of profound rhythmic pulse on "Gloomy Alice & Sinister Jack" which echoes the more sublime facets of dark techno. The experimental, noise-shaping sound design of Le Moderniste takes its toll on Kaibun as well, resulting in soundscapes on the psyched-out fringes of electronica.
    01.Kaibun - Gloomy Alice And Sinister Jack (Theme)
    02.Kaibun - Fooling All We Can Expect
    03.Kaibun - Prozac Doesn't Protect Us Anymore
    04.Kaibun - Find Peace In Self Harming
    05.Kaibun - Alice Contemplates Her Blood Flowing Under the Razor Blade
    06.Kaibun - Blood Soaked Kiss (Pain Dividing)
    07.Kaibun - The Soporific Effect Of Deliverance Stuns Out Dark Desires
    08.Kaibun - Grim Monotony In The Hazy Mind Of Jack
    09.Kaibun - We Share The Same Wish
    10.Kaibun - And All Those Silences Remain
    11.Kaibun - They Decide To Accept The Invitation
    12.Kaibun - Hand In Hand, They Are Waiting
    13.Kaibun - Memories And Regrets Floats In A Desolated Place (Called Heart)
    14.Kaibun - And The Time Goes By... Death's Approach

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    Kenny Burrell - God Bless The Child (1971/2013) [HDtracks]

    Artist: Kenny Burrell
    Title: God Bless The Child
    Year Of Release: 1971/2013
    Label: CTI Records / King Record Co.
    Genre: Jazz
    Quality: FLAC (HDtracks) 24bit 192kHz
    Total Time: 00:37:51
    Total Size: 1.42 GB
    1 Be Yourself (Kenny Burrell) 5:54
    2 Love Is The Answer (Kenny Burrell) 4:53
    3 Do What You Gotta Do (Kenny Burrell) 9:33
    4 A Child Is Born (Thad Jones) 8:43
    5 God Bless The Child (Arthur Herzog Jr. / Billie Holiday) 8:48
    Kenny Burrell guitar
    Freddie Hubbard trumpet
    Alan Shulman, Charles McCracken, Lucien Schmit, Seymour Barab - cello
    Richard Wyands piano
    Ron Carter bass
    Billy Cobham drums
    Ray Barretto percussion
    Hugh Lawson piano (track 2)
    Airto Moreira percussion (track 2)
    Hubert Laws flute (track 3)
    George Ricci cello (track 4)

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    ChromaDuo - Hidden Waters: Goss, Pierce, Dyens (2012)

    Artist: ChromaDuo
    Title: Hidden Waters: Goss, Pierce, Dyens
    Year Of Release: 2012
    Label: Naxos
    Genre: Classical
    Quality: FLAC (tracks)
    Total Time: 1:03:10
    Total Size: 220 MB
    Described by Classical Guitar Review as "nothing short of inspirational", this début recording by Tracy Anne Smith and Rob MacDonald unveils a refreshing and innovative programme of works by some of the most exciting living composers of our time. Stephen Goss's contrasting miniatures in The Raw and the Cooked reference musical greats from Django Reinhardt to Astor Piazzolla, and Still the Sea is a homage to Toru Takemitsu. Christopher William Pierce's mellifluous sound world explores the sensual, the ornate and the spectacular. Following his innovative and rhythmic Niterói, Roland Dyens brings us home with the succulently melodic Comme des Grands.
    01.ChromaDuo - The Raw and the Cooked (excerpts) - I. Hot
    02.ChromaDuo - The Raw and the Cooked (excerpts) - II. The Cooked
    03.ChromaDuo - The Raw and the Cooked (excerpts) - III. Milonga
    04.ChromaDuo - The Raw and the Cooked (excerpts) - VI. Malabar Hill
    05.ChromaDuo - The Raw and the Cooked (excerpts) - VII. The Raw
    06.ChromaDuo - The Raw and the Cooked (excerpts) - IX. Alba
    07.ChromaDuo - The Raw and the Cooked (excerpts) - X. The Hotel Kempinski
    08.ChromaDuo - The Raw and the Cooked (excerpts) - XI. Tango Brawl
    09.ChromaDuo - The Raw and the Cooked (excerpts) - XII. The Ajman
    10.ChromaDuo - Still the Sea - I. The Black River
    11.ChromaDuo - Still the Sea - II. Silent Pool
    12.ChromaDuo - Still the Sea - III. Fire Water
    13.ChromaDuo - Adagio and Fugue - I. Adagio
    14.ChromaDuo - Adagio and Fugue - II. Fugue
    15.ChromaDuo - 3 Pieces for 2 Guitars - No. 1. Moderato
    16.ChromaDuo - 3 Pieces for 2 Guitars - No. 2. Allegro Ritmico
    17.ChromaDuo - 3 Pieces for 2 Guitars - No. 3. . on an arrangement of Bach's Prelude in B minor by Siloti
    18.ChromaDuo - Niterói (Hidden Waters)
    19.ChromaDuo - Comme des grands - I. Gloomy Light
    20.ChromaDuo - Comme des grands - II. Il funghetto
    21.ChromaDuo - Comme des grands - III. Clown blanc

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    Kyle Eastwood - Metropolitain (2009) Lossless

    Artist: Kyle Eastwood
    Title: Metropolitain
    Year Of Release: 2009
    Label: Candid
    Genre: Fusion, Jazz-Funk, Smooth Jazz
    Quality: FLAC (tracks+.cue,log,scans)
    Total Time: 00:53:23
    Total Size: 372 MB
    01. Metropolitain (6:36)
    02. Bold Changes (4:54)
    03. Hot Box (5:01)
    04. Black Light (6:10)
    05. Bel Air (4:34)
    06. Samba de Paris (7:22)
    07. Song For You (3:24)
    08. Rue Perdue (5:08)
    09. Le Balai (4:53)
    10. Live for Life (5:22)

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    Lee Ann Womack - The Lonely, The Lonesome & The Gone (2017) [Vinyl]

    Artist: Lee Ann Womack
    Title: The Lonely, The Lonesome & The Gone
    Year Of Release: 2017
    Label: ATO Records
    Genre: Folk, Pop & Country
    Quality: FLAC (tracks 24bit/96kHz)
    Total Time: 53:37
    Total Size: 950 Mb
    01. All the Trouble (05:41)
    02. The Lonely, The Lonesome & The Gone (03:49)
    03. He Called Me Baby (04:40)
    04. Hollywood (04:05)
    05. End of the End of the World (02:18)
    06. Bottom of the Barrel (03:19)
    07. Shine On Rainy Day (03:20)
    08. Mama Lost Her Smile (04:02)
    09. Wicked (04:07)
    10. Long Black Veil (04:38)
    11. Someone Else's Heartache (03:55)
    12. Sunday (04:17)
    13. Talking Behind Your Back (03:49)
    14. Take the Devil Out of Me (01:37)
    Lee Ann Womack, one of the most distinctive and decorated vocalists in modern music, will make her debut for ATO Records with the release of 'The Lonely, The Lonesome & The Gone,' an album that mixes the country, soul, gospel and blues of her native East Texas, into an audacious, sharp-edged work of art. Produced by Womack's husband and fellow Texan Frank Liddell (fresh off a 2017 ACM Album of the Year win for Miranda Lambert's 'The Weight of These Wings'), and featuring songs mostly co-written by Womack, 'The Lonely, The Lonesome & The Gone,' is her most personal album to date, marking the culmination of a journey that began with her 2005 CMA Album of the Year 'There's More Where That Came From' toward an authentic American music that celebrates her roots and adds to the canon. 'The Lonely, The Lonesome & The Gone' features fourteen new songs, recorded with Womack's core band of top shelf musicians including bassist Glenn Worf, songwriters and guitarists Wright, Payne and Ethan Ballinger, and drummer Jerry Roe. The album was mostly recorded at the legendary SugarHillStudios in Houston, TX. "I wanted to get out of Nashville, and tap the deep music and vibe of East Texas," says Womack. "I wanted to make sure this record had a lot of soul in it, because real country music has soul. I wanted to remind people of that."


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