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Thread: My Music Collection Update Daily! (Dance, Trance, Rock, Pop, Electronic, Jazz,..)

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    VA - Own Spirit Festival 2016

    Artist: VA
    Title: Own Spirit Festival 2016
    Year Of Release: 09.05.2016
    Label: Own Spirit Records
    Genre: Psychedelic / Progressive / Full On
    Quality: Mp3 / 320kbps
    Total Time: 71:00 min
    Total Size: 149 MB

    01. Zen Baboon - Best Days
    02. Suduaya - Dragon Riders
    03. Owntrip - Lost Brain
    04. Cambium - Psychedelic Sunset
    05. Dust - Mantra (Lunatica Remix)
    06. U-Recken - Aces High
    07. Yar Zaa - Cosmo Circle
    08. Render - A Brand New Dream
    09. Hypatia - Organic Energy

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    Adult Jazz - Earrings Off! (2016) Lossless

    Artist: Nothing
    Title: Tired of Tomorrow
    Year Of Release: 2016
    Label: Relapse
    Genre: Shoegaze, Dreampop, Alt. Rock
    Quality: FLAC
    Total Time: 55:58
    Total Size: 389 MB


    1 Fever Queen
    2 The Dead Are Dumb
    3 Vertigo Flowers
    4 A.C.D. (Abcessive Compulsive Disorder)
    5 Nineteen Ninety Heaven
    6 Curse Of The Sun
    7 Eaten By Worms
    8 Everyone Is Happy
    9 Our Plague
    10 Tired Of Tomorrow
    11 The Heavenly Blue Flu (Bonus)
    12 Tic Tac Toe (Bonus)

    Philadelphia's NOTHING return with Tired Of Tomorrow, their beautifully profound follow-up to 2014's widely-acclaimed Guilty Of Everything. Recorded over the course of a month at Studio 4 with Will Yip (Circa Survive, Title Fight), Tired Of Tomorrow is a modern, nihilistic take on the triumphant fuzzed-out guitar rock of the 90's, replete with huge hooks and brooding melodies. Much like the events it's based on, the album displays an unparalleled balance of opposites and contradictions, rife with sweet-and-sour themes, downcast grooves, infectious choruses, and blissfully expansive washes of sound. With Tired Of Tomorrow, NOTHING have worked the deepest influences of their youth and maturation into a confident, memorable album that is sure to soothe old wounds while simultaneously opening up new ones.

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    VA - Sand & Sighs (2016)

    Artist: VA
    Title: Sand & Sighs
    Year Of Release: 2016
    Label: Warung Recordings - WRG 017
    Genre: Deep House, Tech House
    Quality: 320 kbps
    Total Time: 01:02:55
    Total Size: 145 nb

    1. Renato Ratier & Stekke - 001 (6:01)
    2. Alex Justino - Futurn (6:43)
    3. Sonic Future - Sixtuplets (7:09)
    4. Beltch - Loves (6:00)
    5. Leo Janeiro & Julio Torres - Back To Basics (6:18)
    6. Albuquerque - Mariposa 88 (7:04)
    7. Chevalier - Whiplash (6:06)
    8. Volkoder - Season (5:45)
    9. Leozinho - Miss Muffin (5:46)
    10. Eddie M - Borderline (6:03)

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    Tubby Hayes - The Long Shadow of the Little Giant (2016)

    Artist: Tubby Hayes
    Title: The Long Shadow of the Little Giant
    Year Of Release: 2016
    Label: Acrobat
    Genre: Jazz
    Quality: mp3 320 kbps
    Total Time: 01:13:57
    Total Size: 170 mb

    01. Jordu - TubHayes & His Orchestra
    02. Straight Life - TubHayes Quartet
    03. Room 608 - TubHayes Quintet
    04. Reunion - TubHayes and The Jazz Couriers
    05. Guys and Dolls - The Jazz Couriers
    06. In Salah - The Couriers Of Jazz
    07. Delirium - TubHayes With The Kurt Edelhagen Orchestra
    08. Whisper Not - The Jazz Couriers
    09. Sunny Monday - TubHayes Quartet
    10. Tubbsville - TubHayes & His Orchestra
    11. All Members - TubHayes Quartet
    12. What a Gas - Tony Kinsey Quintet
    13. Doxy - TubHayes Quintet
    14. Lady 'E' - TubHayes and The All-Stars

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    VA - Мeo Voto, Vol. 1 (2016)

    Artist: VA - Мeo Voto, Vol. 1
    Title: Мeo Voto, Vol. 1
    Year Of Release: 2016
    Label: Soblazn Music / SBL001
    Genre: Tech House
    Quality: 320 kbps / Lossless
    Total Time: 01:30:28
    Total Size: 205 mb / 492 mb

    1. Zepovek & Alejandro Cuestas - Claire (10:09)
    2. Friedrich Becker - Starpie (8:30)
    3. Daniele Griffo & Nazt - Falling Stars (8:10)
    4. Nihko - Too Close (10:24)
    5. Loxique - Noaptea Rosie (8:44)
    6. Plusculaar - Sweet Little Thing (10:40)
    7. Stan Yaroslavsky - Normally I Say No (10:09)
    8. Direkt - Untitled 22 (8:44)
    9. Toi - Over Wasted (8:56)
    10. Vloon - Mosasau (6:02)

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    Wolfert Brederode Trio - Black Ice (2016)

    Artist: Wolfert Brederode Trio
    Title: Black Ice
    Year Of Release: 2016
    Label: ECM
    Genre: Jazz
    Quality: 320 / 24bit-96kHz FLAC
    Total Time: 53:13
    Total Size: 128 / 948 MB


    1. Elegia (5:16)
    2. Olive Tree (5:09)
    3. Bemani (4:05)
    4. Black Ice (3:34)
    5. Cocoon (5:41)
    6. Fall (5:01)
    7. Terminal (2:42)
    8. Conclusion (4:33)
    9. Curtains (4:24)
    10. Rewind (5:28)
    11. Bemani (Var.) (1:22)
    12. Glass Room (4:25)
    13. Fall (Var.) (1:43)

    Black Ice is a nice image for Dutch pianist Wolfert Brederode's new trio music, with its gleaming lyricism, transparency, and hint of danger, as well as sleek melodic invention both from the leader and from Icelandic bassist Gulli Gudmundsson. Brederode and Gudmundsson have collaborated often over the last two decades in contexts from free improvisation to theatre music and have a keenly honed intuitive understanding. Jasper van Hulten is a resourceful addition to the team, a tone-sensitive drummer adept at embellishing the sensitive musical language and sense of interplay. The album, recorded at Lugano's Studio RSI in July 2015 and produced by Manfred Eicher, is issued as the Brederode Trio goes on tour in the Netherlands. Black Ice follows two previous releases on ECM as leader, Currents and Post Scriptum (in his quartet with Claudio Puntin, Mats Eilertsen and Samuel Rohrer).

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    The Anthony Wilson Trio - Jack of Hearts (2009)

    Artist: The Anthony Wilson Trio
    Title: Jack of Hearts
    Year Of Release: 2009
    Label: Groove Note Records
    Genre: Post-bop, Guitar Jazz
    Quality: FLAC (tracks+.cue,scans)/320
    Total Time: 58:08
    Total Size: 315/145 MB


    1. Mezcal
    2. Jack of Hearts
    3. Hawkeyes
    4. Carnegie Blues
    5. Theme from "Chinatown"
    6. Vida Perdida Acabou
    7. Orange Crate Art
    8. Harajuku
    9. Zweet Zursday
    10. Homecoming

    Anthony Wilson - elec. guitar
    Larry Goldings - hammond B-3 & celeste
    Jeff Hamilton - drums
    Jim Keltner - drums

    'Jack of Hearts' isn't the first Anthony Wilson album to feature an organist extensively; for example, he worked with the Los Angeles-based organist Joe Bagg on his 2005 release 'Savivity'. But the guitarist has worked with acoustic pianists more often than organists (at least as of 2009), and 'Jack of Hearts' is unusual in that it finds Wilson not using a pianist at all. On this early 2009 session, Wilson forms an intimate trio with Larry Goldings on organ and Jeff Hamilton or Jim Keltner on drums.
    In the '90s and 2000s, Goldings was one of the leading proponents of a post-Jimmy Smith aesthetic on the Hammond B-3. Goldings has been greatly influenced by the late Larry Young, who started out as a Smith disciple but evolved into an innovative, distinctive post-bop/modal player and went down in history as "The John Coltrane of the Organ." Of course, Goldings is not a clone of Young; he is most certainly his own person, but he shares Young's love of post-bop. So it isn't surprising that Goldings does a lot to shape the post-bop perspective that dominates 'Jack of Hearts'. His presence is a major plus on material that was composed by Goldings and/or Wilson, and it is a major plus on memorable arrangements of Coleman Hawkins' "Hawkeyes" and two of Duke Ellington's lesser-known pieces ("Zweet Zursday" and "Carnegie Blues"). The fact that neither of those Ellington tunes is a standard speaks well of Wilson, who is smart enough to realize that one of the joys of the vast Ellington songbook is hearing all of the worthwhile Ellington compositions that didn't become standards. Jack of Hearts is a consistently engaging addition to Wilson's catalog.

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    Howlin' Dogs - Howlin' Dogs (2016)

    Artist: Howlin' Dogs
    Title: Howlin' Dogs
    Year Of Release: 2016
    Label: La Cupula Music
    Genre: Blues, Blues Rock
    Quality: Mp3/320
    Total Time: 42:30
    Total Size: 103 Mb


    1. Work Song
    2. Go 'way Devil
    3. Long John
    4. Sail On
    5. Whoa Buck
    6. Poor Boy
    7. Hard Road
    8. O'berta
    9. I Don' Do Nobody Nothin'

    The Howlin' Dogs, formed in October 2014, is composed of: Smoking Bambino: Vocalist with a large career in folk, blues and rock. Leader of Dirty Club (Girona band with six albums released). Bambino has also composed and launched six solo albums. Lluís Figueras: Guitarist with international experience, he has played in numerous Blues Festivals around the Continent with bands such as Rob Strong Band, Mary Stoke band, Boy Arnold or Eddy King. He is currently the lead guitarist of the Grateful Blues (Girona Band with 2 albums released). Cheka: Experienced drummer who has worked with Albert Plŕ (nationally renowned songwriter), he is also the drummer of the Dirty Club and the Radical Animal Beat. These bands have led him to play all around the country. Popi: Bassist in countless bands and known for his ability to adapt to any musical style. He is the bass in most of the recordings made in Girona province. Enric Teruel: Guitarist, founder and arranger of Howlin' Dogs. He has worked as instrumentalist and arranger for Eybec (Girona new age folk,1 album released) and Naisha (Girona band of traditional hindu music, 3 albums released). He has also composed several soundtracks for various audiovisual projects.

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    Yehudi Menuhin - Schumann & Dvorak: Violin Concertos (2002)

    Artist: Yehudi Menuhin
    Title: Schumann & Dvorak: Violin Concertos
    Year Of Release: 2002
    Label: Naxos [8.110966]
    Genre: Classical
    Quality: APE (*image + .cue,log)
    Total Time: 00:58:06
    Total Size: 188 mb (+5%rec.)


    01. Schumann - Violon Concerto in D minor - 1 [0:12:35.30]
    02. Schumann - Violon Concerto in D minor - 2 [0:05:53.40]
    03. Schumann - Violon Concerto in D minor - 3 [0:09:02.10]
    04. Dvorak - Violon Concerto in A minor, Op.53 - 1 [0:09:55.42]
    05. Dvorak - Violon Concerto in A minor, Op.53 - 2 [0:09:43.65]
    06. Dvorak - Violon Concerto in A minor, Op.53 - 1 [0:10:55.38]


    Robert Schumann (1810 - 1856)
    Yehudi Menuhin - violin
    Philharmonic Symphony of New York, John Barbirolli

    Antonín Dvořák (1841 - 1904)
    Yehudi Menuhin - violin
    Orchestra of the Paris Conservatoire, George Enescu

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    Amos - Illusions Of Tomorrow

    Artist: Amos
    Title: Illusions Of Tomorrow
    Year Of Release: 2016
    Label: Ovnimoon Records
    Genre: Ambient / Chillout
    Quality: Mp3 / 320kbps
    Total Time: 76:56 min
    Total Size: 156 MB

    01. Amos - Heart Feels [07:14]
    02. Amos - Things and Stuff [05:41]
    03. Amos - Dead Broken Stars [06:10]
    04. Amos - First Day Off [08:20]
    05. Amos - Lines [06:05]
    06. Amos - A-Mos [05:56]
    07. Amos - Mys [06:34]
    08. Amos - En Puss [06:32]
    09. Amos - Protein [06:09]
    10. Amos - Sun Goes Down [06:21]
    11. Amos - Tomorrow [06:15]
    12. Amos - Moon Mood [05:34]

    Ovnimoon Rec. proudly presents "Illusions of Tomorrow", the long awaited second full length album by world renowned Psychedelic IDM, Dub, Psychill and Ambient producer Amos. This all new twelve song journey will take listeners deep into meditative and chilled frequency states to be enjoyed in any occasions or environment. A whimsical and fantastically surreal story of intelligent chill dance music filled with glitchy minimal drums, wide atmospheres and smoothly crafted bass over classical melodies. The album will keep heads nodding, feet tapping, souls swirling and minds dreaming, it will amaze his fans and create many new ones. The concept for this began from early ideas which evolved after the completion of "Lost in Sound" the debut Amos album released on Ovnimoon Rec in 2013. Amos is a Swedish producer and DJ who has released his ambient-electronica on Ultimae Records, Spiral Trax Recordings, Ovnimoon Rec and Bass Star Rec. To understand it, you have to hear it, so let go, close your eyes and let the sounds take you someplace new.

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