As it says on the tin. All your own postings in one personal thread.

Do not start more than one thread

ALL SCENES to be 1080p or greater

If you see others with more than one, that will be because they had them running before this section was introduced, it does not mean that you can start a second thread.

All personal HD threads must go in here from 24th December 2014

Do not start a thread if you dont wish to continue it. Any thread with less than 3 posts in it after a week will be deleted. We must also see regular updates after this (at least 1 post a week on average)

Please give your thread some kind of meaningful title, like El Coyotes XXX Thread...or just something that gives the impression it is something you will be continuing. There are that many shitty posters we might just delete if it just looks like a single post.

Do not post content in other peoples threads. Comments, feedback etc is ok, but no videos. Start your own thread or add your video to the appropriate section of the forum. (If anyone posts videos in your thread, please report/inform a mod)

We actively encourage you to also post your scenes into the HD Babe Videos section in the relevant girls thread.

Standard Glam0ur rules also apply