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Thread: ***everyone to read - only selected image/file hosts allowed on glam0ur***

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    ***everyone to read - only selected image/file hosts allowed on glam0ur***

    From the Glam0ur moderation staff:

    You are only allowed to use the following sites to upload your thumbnail pics.

    Preferred image host -

    Also allowed -

    DO NOT USE IMAGEBAM, I CANT STRESS THIS ENOUGH...THEIR THUMBNAILS DON'T WORK ON THIS FORUM. Your post/thread will be deleted immediately if you use it.

    and for single (bigger) pics and sigs, you can also use

    And for file hosts i.e films and pics you can only use the following..
    If you use any other hosts than the above your post/posts will be deleted without warning, and further usage of other hosts will lead to a temporary or permanent ban. Please also not that some of the above sites have limits for free users. Please make sure you know what these limits are, and only post links that can be downloaded by anyone, including those who does not have an account with that file host.

    Any use of cash generating sites such as usercash, etc will lead to an immediate permanent ban. Go spam your shit somewhere else.

    Also, the usage of is prohibited. Any posts containing files that send members to that site will be deleted without warning, and further usage will lead to a temporary or permanent ban.

    The list below of banned image AND file hosts is mainly for our records . We have already reviewed them and decided they're shit. Any cash generating ones are banned as are ones on this list.

    I thought it might be easier if they were sorted - TommyGun 09/02/07

    - CashMoneyUploads
    - casimages
    - castorcash
    - depositfiles
    - digitalvideotimes
    - euros4clicks
    - FileBounty
    - Image2share
    - Imagebam
    - Imagebanana
    - Imagecash
    - Imagefap
    - imagefly
    - Imagegravy
    - Imagelist
    - imagereverb
    - imagescap
    - Imageshack
    - imagesocket
    - Imagetomie
    - imagewaste
    - jerkmate
    - linkbee
    - linkbucks
    - linkbux
    - Mediabux
    - megashare
    - musicok
    - nastydollars
    - payserve
    - Photobucket
    - picbase
    - PicBux
    - Picspay
    - Scipym
    - shareapic
    - sharedimages
    - spookycash
    - tinypic
    - uk-adultcash
    - Uploading
    - urlcash
    - Usercash
    - yankscash
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