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Thread: Welcome to the Celebrities Uncensored forum!

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    Welcome to the Celebrities Uncensored forum!

    Welcome to the Celebrities Uncensored forum!

    Please remember that "fake" photos are prohibited on the forum:

    Quote Originally Posted by El Coyote
    You know the ones..."heres Beyonce doing DP kind of stuff." No it isnt. Its some skank with Beyonces head photoshopped onto it. Its just a rubbish post.So dont do it.
    Other than that, have fun!
    "I'm on the top as long as the music's loud."

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    Re: Welcome to the Celebrities Uncensored forum!


    I just want to make this perfectly clear just in case no one has thought of this. DO NOT POST ANY. . . AND I MEAN ANY PICS (clothed or not) of ANY under age girls!! If we see posts of such matter I WILL do the following:

    1. Delete the post in question!
    2. Ban you from this site as long as you may live!
    3. Make it my personal mission in life to ban your I.P. from every know porn web-site in the know universe!!

    I AM NOT GOING TO JAIL FOR YOU PERVERTED SENSE OF RIGHT AND WRONG and I can assure you that all of the mods and god (Goose) are of the same opinion!! Oh by the way, ignorance is NOT an excuse!!

    This is serious and not meant to be funny in any way shape or form!!!!


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    Re: Welcome to the Celebrities Uncensored forum!

    Hey Guys,

    I just wanna remind you, please use the Search Botton,


    that is the rule for the whole forum included the celeberties section !!!!!!

    I don't care if Paris Hilton, Britaney Spears, Beyonce............................ flashes her panties, shows some nipslip, some seethrough.... .....
    in New York, in China, or somewhere else !!!!!!!!!!!

    it's still one girl

    thank's Tetra Pack

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