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Thread: Got Banned

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    Got Banned

    Dear Admins

    I got banned why I don't know

    You have been banned for the following reason:
    Warned several times for using an unauthorized download link
    Date the ban will be lifted: Never

    My old nick : Falconetti

    if you remove my banned That I will clean unauthorized download links

    and Also I will be carefull

    best regards
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    Sorry, No respond yet

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    Dear Member, I’m sorry for the slow response about your message. Permanent bannes are usually never lifted. The members are given warnings about the forum rules that they have violated. There are two ways the member is given a warning either on their latest post or in their inbox as a message. If the member disregard these messages, usually the member will receive an infraction regarding the rule violation. If the member disregard the infraction, this can lead to being banned. Being banned can be temporary either one week or up to 2 years depending on the nature of the violation. When the temporary ban is lifted for the member and they continue to violate the forum rules, then there is no other choice but to permanently banned that member.

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