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Thread: question. poster n00b.

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    question. poster n00b.

    I cant seem to make a post if I include the image code in the original post. I get a message that a moderator will look at the post.
    If I include only text, the post goes through. I can then go back and edit the post with the image code and it will work.
    What am I missing? Thoughts?

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    I think it's a forum software issue. Once you get above a certain number of posts, you don't need a moderator to approve posts. The question is, we still don't know what that number is. It could be 10+ or 20+.
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    Thank you.

    Guess that means I should get to work

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    try it again, I think you should be able to post now with 10+ post. Let us know if you are still not able to do it.

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    ok, thank you, i have understand

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